“The news in Russian” or “I would otherwise be against it”

    The site dev.opera.com has an article Seven showcases the the Web Fonts , which is a collection of seven different examples of the use of web typography in view of the new features in Opera css 3 10. Among other things, there is «The news page in Russian». This is all who do not know Russian, apparently, being blissfully unaware so they think - that there is news.

    An employee of Opera Software, Vadim Makeev (known as pepelsbey on the hub ), made a chic sample of the main page of the newspaper Podzabornaya Pravda . I haven’t read the entire issue yet, but the material is marvelous, I’ll just name the headlines: “I would otherwise be against it”, “You suffer from errors in work”, “You seem to be the basics” and “Big program worlds”. Vadim is definitely an offset!

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