Does the world need our VKontakte?

    A couple of days ago a topic about buying a domain name by a social network VKontakte was already published . The author complained that this event was not covered in any way in the media. But it was a premature judgment. Information just needed to get to the minds.

    And today the whole Internet writes about this event, all the radio stations say, and even there was a reportage on TV.
    Let me remind you once again because of what such a fuss ... The

    social network "Vkontakte" acquired the domain name As the executive director of Vkontakte, Lev Leviev, explains, the social network is preparing to enter the world market and will be released in versions in 12 languages ​​by October 2009. The amount spent on the purchase of the domain and the development of language versions of the network was not disclosed.

    To date, the site is available in four languages: in addition to Russian, it is English, Ukrainian and Belarusian. It is worth noting the world's largest social networks - such as Facebook and MySpace - are already available in various language versions for users around the world. So, Facebook with an audience of 250 million users offers a choice of 63 language versions, and Myspace (130 million users) offers 33 language versions.

    The question that remains open for me personally - Does the world need our VKontakte? Who will use the facebook clone in English?

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