Android Market Update

    An Android Market update message appeared on the Android Developer Blog .

    The update is as logical as expected - finally, application developers will be allowed to show screenshots of their applications. Hopefully, the number of characters in the description of the application will also increase. Four new categories have also been added - sports, health, themes, and comics.

    And probably guided by the saying "it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times" posted a video.

    Which, among other things, pleases with a more explicit separation of paid applications and free ones. At the moment, in order to split the output, you need to select the Change View item in the menu and select one of the modes there. In my opinion, it is not very obvious and even complicated. Moreover, it has to be done every time a new loading of the Android Market into memory.

    Along the way, they also reported that the placement of paid applications is available to developers from Italy. I hope the turn of Russia is not far off.

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