With your own eyes - not only traffic jams

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When we opened the Camcorders service on Yandex.Maps, we tried to provide more angles and directions for a better overview of the traffic situation. Some of our cameras can rotate, so a special schedule and a list of directions were created for them.

But life is always more diverse than you can plan, and we follow not only traffic jams, but also the news . And today it was very difficult for us to refrain from peeping live on the fire extinguishing at the construction market in the Strogino district , which was so clearly visible with our camera. We asked our experts for a while to turn the camera in the direction of the fire and even recorded a short video.


We observed all this with the help of a video camera installed in Strogin . At normal times, she shows the Moscow Ring Road, turning in the direction of Novorizhskoye or Volokolamsk highway. We hope to continue to observe only traffic jams and free roads :), and not incidents.

Yandex.Traffic, we monitor the roads and not only

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