HTC Hero in Russia: sales again postponed

    Sales of HTC Hero in Russia are again postponed. At first, it was expected that deliveries to MTS stores will start on August 10 . Then, on the website, it was announced that sales would begin on September 1 (at the same time, the official Russian-language smartphone tweet called the date on September 2).

    And here is September 2, and on we see an updated inscription: "On September 10, on sale." Whom to believe - decide for yourself.

    PS The price is the same - 22990 rubles.
    PPS Yesterday I called and clarified just in case: the smartphone will be sold without a MTS contract, unlocked (i.e., working with SIM-cards of any operators).


    UPDATE:... or all the same, September 7 for Moscow and September 14 for the rest of Russia. See photos from the presentation .

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