RosEvroBank Joins Yandex.Money Banking Program

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You can now attach a plastic card of RosEvroBank to the account in the Yandex.Money payment system . By linking a card, users can instantly and without commission replenish their Yandex.Money account from it, as well as transfer unused funds to a card with a preferential commission of 2%. At the same time, neither during the connection process, which takes place on the side of the bank, nor during the transactions themselves, it is necessary to transfer the card number, personal information of the cardholder, PIN code or CVC2 / CVV2 security codes via the Internet.

Cooperation with RosEvroBank was a continuation of the Yandex.Money banking program, in which OTKRITIE Commercial Bank (RBD) and Alfa Bank are already participating. The goal of this program is to combine the main advantages of banking and electronic cash for users.

“We are pleased to provide numerous employees of RosEvroBank customers with the possibility of remote servicing, which allows them to make instant and secure payments via the Internet, as well as significantly simplify the process of paying off loan debt,” says Kirill Sursky, Executive Director of Yandex.Money PS LLC.

“For a bank, cooperation with Yandex.Money is part of a program aimed at increasing the volume of non-cash payments by bank cards. It is no secret that most of the cards issued in Russia are used primarily for cash withdrawals. Developing such programs, we want to show our holders that a bank card is also a very convenient means of paying for any purchases, including on the Internet, ”said Sergey Varganov, head of the Plastic Card Department at RosEuroBank.

You can attach a card to an account in Yandex.Money for free at any branch of RosEvroBank.

Yandex.Money Team

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