I chose it on the Market - I bought it offline

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It is convenient when the courier of the online store brings the goods directly to your home. But many people prefer to visit the store in person: for example, to listen to the sound of the speaker system in the music salon or to save on shipping by picking up the order yourself.

Now, using Yandex.Market, you can see salons and points of delivery of orders for online stores on the map of your city. Today, these are outlets of almost 1,500 stores of more than three thousand located on the Market.

To see such a map, you need to click on the link “Shops on the map” in the list of offers (or on the link “Address and phone” if you want to see the contact information of a single store on the map). For example, you want to hold a radiotelephone in your hands before you buy :

You can choose between a pick-up point if you want to pick up a ready-made order, or a shop-salon if you plan to make a choice right at the point of sale (just remember to check the availability of the goods by phone first). Please note: in each city, the number of sales points found will be different.

Market team, checking the map

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