How much is the wheel?

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How to buy a car without overpaying, and selling - not to cheapen? Yandex.Auto has a new opportunity that will help you determine the best price.

Indicate the parameters of the car - make, price, year of manufacture, etc. - and you will find out how the price has changed over the past six months, and how many offers were for sale.

This information is useful to all motorists. For example, you want to sell a car, but do not know what price to set. Or they offer you a great car, but you doubt it - what if the price is too high? Or are you wondering what happens to the price of your car - is it time to sell or ride?

For example, choosing a 2007 Ford Focus, a manual transmission hatchback,

You will find out that the average price of this car at the moment is 428,860 rubles. You will see how this price has changed over the past six months,

how many offers were there for sale,

how many cars and at what price were put up for sale.

Charts are based on an analysis of the ads published on the Yandex.Avto service over the past six months, taking into account the selected region. An example is calculated for the Central Federal District.

Now you don’t have to study the “history of the issue” for hours!
Just choose the parameters, look at the graphs and make a decision.

Good luck on the road and in the money!
Sincerely, Yandex.Auto team

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