We print Yandex.Maps in Mozilla Firefox on the whole page

    For some reason, I always scolded J. Maps for the fact that they are printed very finely.
    It turned out that if you do not use the link "Print", and just print the page itself with a map ( "preview"), it turns out quite well: map displays the entire width, and the only thing that spoils the picture is a big band with the logo at the top:

    To to use all the useful space to the fullest, we just need to hide the styles for the print version of the logo (Yandex will not disappear, there will be one more in the lower left corner;)) and raise the card back to the top (everything else will be hidden by native I. cartographic printed styles).

    To do this, in the folder “c: \ Documents and Settings \ user \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ xxxxxx.default \ chrome \” (everyone, of course, has their own), you need to create two files:
    one is userContent.css with the contents: And, accordingly, printHacks.css itself: Theoretically, the syntax allows you to cram everything at once into userContent.css, but in practice this somehow does not work, but with import it works. To activate, you just need to restart Firefox, the hack itself will be picked up for all pages of maps.yandex.ru: PS: by the way, now you can write styles for any sites in printHacks.css, and they will work only when printing.
    @import url(printHacks.css) print;

    @-moz-document domain("maps.yandex.ru") {
    .l-page-m {
    top: 0 !important;
    .b-head-logo {
    display: none;


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