Java in Russian. Part Two: Internet Resources

    In continuation of the first part . Today we will consider Java resources on the Internet, which we will divide into 4 parts: vendors, JUG, forums, news. And at the same time to summarize.


    Sun microsystems

    The main site of Sun contains purely advertising information, so we will consider the Developers Network . So, what is there:
    • JavaFX is the hit of the season. As part of the promotion, Sun holds contests on this technology, you can also find documentation in Russian and even Wiki .
    • Academic programs - information about educational programs. Basically, these are courses for teachers and educational materials - lectures written as part of grants.
    • Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, JavaCard for 2009 do not contain almost any updates, and for the previous years there are perhaps translations of some articles.
    • The forum is pretty dead, with the exception of the JavaFX section.
    • There are also translations of the English blogs of The Aquarium and The Planetarium , dedicated to the news about Java EE and Java for all other platforms (SE, ME, FX, etc ...) respectively.


    The IBM site has a DeveloperWorks section that publishes translated overview articles on new technologies such as Groovy, Scala, Guice, Spring, Eclipse, as well as the IBM product line: WebSphere, Rational.

    JUG (Java User Group) & OSUM (OpenSource University Meetup)


    JUG is a regional community of Java programmers who hold meetings with presentations and discussions of various Java technologies and products.
    • is the most famous JUG in Russia, based in St. Petersburg, but meetings are held throughout the country.
    • JUG Voronezh - the latest announcements of meetings in 2008, organized by DataArt.
    • JUG Samara - never held a single meeting seems.
    • JUG Vladimir is a rather active JUG of Vladimir University.
    • JUG Omsk is rather OSUM, about them below.
    • JUG KPI - Kiev Polytechnic University, used to be a rather active JUG with a forum and Wiki.
    • JUG Kherson - only 3 meetings, organized by DataArt.
    • JUG Ukraine - a review of JUG news in Ukraine, a list of Java companies, a forum that seems popular before.
    • JUG Belarus - a very active group, meetings with Sun, Adobe.


    Sun has created a social network based on Ning. It has groups of different universities that discuss various Sun's OpenSource technologies, including Java.


    The only popular topic forum I would call JavaTalks . There are also Java sub-sections in other communities: , RSDN , Vingrad , Source and LiveJournal .

    Previously, there were other popular Java projects containing sections for discussion: JUGA , JavaPortal , Javable . Now nobody uses them.


    I never found a news resource exclusively in Java. There are the aforementioned Sun blogs, sections on Habrahabr and . There are probably blogs too. The Russian-language Java Planet is sorely lacking.


    I recently conducted a survey about what Russian-language resources interest users in Java technology. Well, it's time to take stock.
    • Almost no documentation in Russian. If you are going to seriously engage in Java - there is nothing to do without English. It is impossible to solve this problem: when working with Java, you use a bunch of different libraries from different vendors - translating documentation for everyone and tearing it up to date is an unrealistic task.
    • Sun is actively collaborating with universities to promote Java in the educational environment. It is not known what will happen after its adoption by Oracle Corporation, which produces business software and invests less in educational programs.
    • “I want to help promote Java!” - join the existing JUG / OSUM, translate or write news and articles on popular sites, start a blog, communicate on forums. Have a nice day!

    Also popular now: