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To keep abreast of changes in the professional life of acquaintances, it is enough to periodically review the feed on My Circle. Today we have added new features for working with the feed, including RSS.

Surely you have repeatedly discussed books on your specialty with friends. Starting today, you will see all books recommended by friends in your profiles in the events feed.

If you also like the book, you can click “also recommend”, and the book will appear in your profile, in the “Books” section. Through the feed of events, your other friends will learn about it.

I want to know about some changes right away. For example, about changing the phone number of a colleague or that a person began to look for work. Now you can receive a feed of events quickly and in a place convenient for you - the service has the opportunity to subscribe to a feed in RSS format. You can add a feed to any RSS client - Yandex.Tape, NetVibes, Google Reader, or any other.

Of course, it is not important for everyone to instantly learn about all the changes. It’s enough for many to view the feed once a week. For this, it is convenient to use the mailing list, which has become even more convenient: the most important events (for example, change of contacts or work) are grouped at the beginning of the letter, and less important - at the end.

Watch and try.

My Circle Team

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