Yandex.Direct: special placement - first, second or third?

    It has long been known by experience that the clickability of second place in special placement is on average no lower than the clickability of the first, and the cost of a click is often several times lower. Therefore, it was completely logical to choose second place in the Yandex.Direct special placement. As the saying goes, both the sheep and the wolves are full.

    But on June 2, 2009 Yandex presented everyone with a surprise - now, according to some requests, the special placement now has three ad slots. In this connection, it became unclear where it is now more efficient to place advertisements. With the first place, everything seems to be clear - hardly anything has changed globally there. But what to choose between second and third places is a question.

    After about a month of our research, we compared the two main indicators CPC (cost per click) and CTR (click-through rate) for those ads that were previously placed on the second special placement, and then went down to the third. Comparison was carried out on requests from different subjects.

    On average, the following numbers were received:

    CTR decreased by 8% - from 9.2% to 8.5%;

    CPC decreased by 15% - from 47 to 40 rubles.

    What pleases us in this situation is that the CTR has fallen slightly, and the cost per click has decreased more. This is especially important in topics where the cost per click is much higher than the average, and there a drop in the cost of a click by 15% translates into significant budget savings.

    On some subjects, generally very positive data were obtained. For example, in office partitions, CTR increased by 9%, and cost per click fell by 19%.

    In general, a decrease in the cost of a click indicates that competition has slowed down, the appearance of third place has allowed another thirsty advertiser to be placed in a special placement. The struggle for special accommodation will now be less active.

    Of course, nuances are possible depending on the topic and the particular advertising campaign, but according to the data obtained, it can be concluded that, on average, the strategy of placing Yandex special placement in third place is currently optimal when choosing from three possible places over the issue.

    Ekaterina Semenova, RA ALabs

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