Loading consciousness / brain backup

    Already almost everyone knows that there is a project of the Blue Brain by Project , which as mentioned in the article on Habré . In short, scientists create an artificial brain, which they can then use to study to understand the principle of its work, as well as open new possibilities / medicines / anything else for humanity.

    This article is a little about the other. As usual, all interesting thoughts come at night on the way to the refrigerator: I wondered why you can’t backup your brain (or rather a piece of memory), erase something, add something, because sometimes it’s necessary to forget a person, any information that haunts, or else always remember something important.

    On the one hand, this is not about a complete copy of the brain, but only about the memory sector. On the other hand, I have no idea how to simulate this sector in digital form, and indeed whether it is possible at all. It all boils down to the realm of fantasy, but scientists once again deceive us, promising us that in 10 years, it will be possible to make a full copy of the brain, but I just need to always carry the memory with me on a flash drive :)

    With a full load of consciousness, we get an alternative to the same consciousness - it contains all the same experiences, memories, ideas, thoughts, knowledge, etc. I don’t think that everyone would like to have a “second Self,” except to play with him when he’s bored . That is why I believe that this option for the development of technology in the field of the brain is somewhat cruel to humanity. And if we consider the backup of memory and its copying, that too has its own dangers: someone stole your backup or you just lost a flash drive. But it is worth considering that in this case no one can take your place in this world, however, he can use your memory, which is also not very pleasant. If this is possible, then it is also worth addressing the issue of security.

    As a result, after going to the kitchen, I changed my mind about making a backup of my memory (as well as a full load of consciousness), but I decided not to refuse changes to it, but of course only with my consent. The only question is whether it will ever be possible for us, and whether it can be affordable for mortals.

    UPD : If you are negative, please announce the reason for this.

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