And immediately found - cocktails in the search results

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Now the bartender is working in Yandex. And it works for free, around the clock and for everyone.

The bartender shows cocktail recipes in the search results . At the same time, you can see not only the recipe for the cocktail you were looking for, but also choose something stronger or more complicated. Good cocktails need good company. And by sharing the link on the blog, you can probably find the coctaillers. And on Yandex.Fotki, meanwhile, the Drinks contest started . Participants who win with photos of the cocktails shown in our Bartender will receive additional prizes. Smartly Olga, mix and shake

UPD: When receiving the request “orgasm” or “sex on the beach”, the search engine is not always sure that the user wants to find the drink. Therefore, if you know what you want, add the word “cocktail” to the query. However, no matter what you want, a cocktail doesn’t hurt :)

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