Google Apps: up to 50 users in the base package

    Somehow, the fact that Google canceled the previously adopted decision to remove the limit on the number of users on the basic package went completely unnoticed . Now, on the basic package, you can create no more than 50 users, which is clearly written in Google Help .
    The registration procedure itself has also been transformed. Now, by default, the page advertising the professional package opens , where there is no comparative table between the two types of packages.
    When you try to register with the selected base package, the corresponding message is displayed:
    The basic Google Apps package is limited to 50 user accounts. Interested in additional user accounts or other advanced features? Try Google Apps Premier Edition for free.

    Google’s cache still retains the previous version of the registration page, with a pivot table that already talks about the restriction ( link , screenshot ). You may notice that the introduction of the restriction occurred at least 2 weeks ago, however, I could not find any official news on this subject.

    Of course, 50 users are usually more than enough, but still it’s very unfortunate that they introduced such a restriction, which they themselves had previously canceled.

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