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Instead of explaining for several minutes to the telephone delivery service how to get to you, now you can mark your home and main landmarks on the map and share it with any link to this map. And making an appointment with friends is now easy - mark the place with a tag and send a link to the map.

For example, you plan to visit several museums : mark the places you plan to visit in the necessary sequence, print this card and feel free to go to meet the beautiful.

In order to edit the created map or select an access level later, you need to enter your username and password on Yandex, and you can always see the list using the “My cards” link.

And then it's nice to swim, now I’ll send a link to the map to my friends;)

In the process of creating a personal label map, you can find the address on the map and add a label in this place. Or vice versa: first you can find a place on the map and save it in a personal label map.

For each personal card, you can specify the type of access to it:

  • everyone - public access, the card is available to everyone (by default, all new cards have this access);
  • only by reference - this card will not be visible to other users in the list of your cards, but everyone can see this card by direct link;
  • only to me - if you found a treasure, but you haven’t dug it yet and come back for it later, this level of access is for you.

For added tags, you can specify a title, a short text explanation and select the appropriate color.

Seven Wonders of the World

Active users of Yandex.Maps Mobile using My Maps can record their routes and share them with friends. To do this, you need to download mobile Yandex.Maps, record a GPS track and watch it in Yandex.Maps. More about this in the user club .

And so that you would not be bored, we have prepared interesting examples of maps:

And what interesting places do you know? Share it? :)

Anya Gerasimova, Andrey Karmatsky, Yandex.Maps

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