Make smart sites with the Yandex.Speller API

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Yandex provided open access to the API of the Yandex.Speller service , created for spell checking. Now everyone can install this service on their site.

Yandex.Speller technology is used in Yandex.Mail and Yandex.Bar . The tool contains the largest Russian language dictionary in Runet - 3.6 million word forms.

Analysis of statistics on the use of words that underlies the service helps to verify words as accurately as possible and choose options for clues. Speller has a very wide range of options for Internet applications, so you can choose the settings that are convenient for you.

One of the features of Speller, as well as other Yandex API tools, is ease of use and management. To embed a web client on your website, you need to perform a few simple steps.

Language is a living system, so in the future the functionality of the tool will be expanded and supplemented.

Make your site not only interesting, but also competent.

Alexey Baitin and the typo correction team

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