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Morning cafe. Breakfast has not yet been brought, but I already want the Internet. There is Beeline WiFi, only payment cards, as luck would have it, are not on sale.

Noon, airport. Two and a half hours before the flight. It is very necessary to check the mail. Beeline WiFi is perfectly caught, but, annoyance, it requires money, and without them it won’t be allowed into the mail. Oh, and why didn’t I buy a card before the inspection?

Evening, hotel, laptop. There is wireless access, but how to pay?

Now it’s elementary, that is Yandex.Money, access to which has been provided free of charge since July. All that is needed for this is to register or log in to the system, and from your personal account go to the account replenishment page .

Yandex.Money helps replenish Beeline WiFi provider account

And free access to the Yandex.Money website is offered by the new Yota WiMAX provider. If you already use fast 4G wireless Internet, but forgot to pay for it on time - no problem. The Yandex.Money website will open for you as if nothing had happened.

Elena Truskova, buying Internet for Yandex.Money

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