New Opportunities on Quotes - Blog Insert, Cash Rates and Dual Currency Basket

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Now finance and courses have become one of the most discussed topics. To the vex of the day (o_O, today this is especially true) we made the functionality of inserting our graphs into a blog or website.
For example, the crisis at the beginning of the year looked like this:

The dynamics of the USD Central Bank of the Russian Federation, RUB.

But how much oil cost when I went to grade 11:

Brent Oil Price Dynamics (ICE.Brent), USD / barrel

For users from Ukraine, it became possible to configure average Yandex buying and selling rates of major currencies on the Yandex main page. Data is provided by the site .

To set up a display of this data for yourself, go to the settings of the main page and click on the gear in the quotes block.

The result will be this type of block Quotes:

Well, and the last - we added a dual-currency basket to the block settings and to the news charts .

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Vera Leizerovich

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