How did I do the application for vKontakte

    I have long wanted to create a product that would be useful to people. I myself am a flasher. I have been using VKontakte social network for a long time. The desire was strengthened by applications in Vkontakte, which, as a rule, were entertaining in nature. Then the idea was born to create a “Harmonious Couple”, an application that is designed to help find the ideal partner among users of VKontakte, based on the main parameter - the ascendant. In addition to it, age and country of residence are also taken into account (more parameters can be taken into account, but so far we are limited to these).

    A short pause - I publish this topic at the request of charly - raise him karma. :)))

    After downloading the official sample applications that used the VKontakte API, I got to work. As it turned out, creating a more or less serious application using only the API is complicated. And if this is a multi-user application, then the task is complicated at times. In addition, the risk of data loss increases.

    At that time it was not possible to organize your database server, so I decided to use only the API.

    Toward the end of the development of the application, I still came to the conclusion that you can not do without a third-party server. I couldn’t realize the functions I needed using regular VKontakte tools, the amount of traffic between the application and the VKontakte server would grow exponentially with the growing number of users.

    I will give an example.

    The data that was the result of the work of my application, I wrote into each user’s own variables. It seemed to me that they can then be considered all together in the same way as this can be done with reading information on users.

    Есть такая функция вКонтакте - getProfiles. Высылаем id пользователей и в виде xml получаем всю доступную информацию

    But access to personal variables is carried out only by one user. That is, for a thousand users, you need to make a thousand requests, and no more than 3 times per second.

    Therefore, it was decided to use the server on which my site is hosted. And since I almost did not work with php and MySQL, I also had to learn how to link them together with Flash. As a result, a few days later Flash already sent requests to the database, and it responded with reciprocity and a certain amount of data.

    When, it would seem, everything is ready - the contact prepared a new test. In order for the application to work fully (for example, to open user pages on VKontakte), it must be checked by the Administration. The check dragged on for 4-5 days. But the application has not been approved. The administration referred to a violation of the rules for posting applications.

    After reading 15 points of this “guide”, I decided that the Administration did not like the banners that appear at the bottom of the program (although Durov himself wrote on the blog that the authors of the application can monetize them any way). Having removed the links from the banners and deleting googleAds (shown at the time the application was downloaded) - again sent the application for verification.

    I was surprised when the application was approved the next day.

    I think everyone knows what I felt at that moment. When your brainchild, even a small one, sets off for "independent swimming."

    Tests by tests, but when the “Harmonious Couple” worked on real people, several bugs got out. They were instantly fixed, but ... an unpleasant aftertaste remained :)

    Now the application works the second day, and I, in turn, try to advertise it. New features are introduced (such as rating, calculating virtual money, horoscopes). Now, some statistics on users of my application are available to me, but since there are still few users, I think there is no point in such statistics. Later I will unsubscribe and tell you who uses the “Harmonious Couple”.

    Let's hope that at least someone finds their harmonious pair. So my work is not in vain.

    PS If there is a desire to look at the application itself - write. :)))

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