Do not send money to Yandex, Yandex will not receive it

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Question: Yandex is completely overwhelmed and asks me for money for access to services. Where to send money?
Answer: You do not need to send money. Access to Yandex services is free.

Question: What number do I need to send SMS to access Yandex mail?
Answer: Yandex never offers to confirm registration using SMS. If you see such an offer on behalf of Yandex, it means that there is a virus on your computer .

Question: How much does access to Yandex mail cost?
Answer: Access to Yandex mail costs nothing.

Question: I want to send money to Yandex. Tell me the short number for sending SMS.
Answer: Yandex never requires money for registration and access to its services. Therefore, they cannot be paid using SMS messages.

Question: How to send SMS to confirm registration from another country?
Answer: It is impossible to confirm registration by SMS message from anywhere in the world.

Question: If you take money for access to mail, then why do not you immediately indicate the cost of SMS for different mobile operators?
Answer: The cost of SMS is not indicated, because you do not need to send SMS. Please do not submit.

Question: I heard that Yandex is not enough money. How can I send him an SMS?
Answer: You do not need to send SMS to Yandex. If you send SMS to Yandex to confirm your registration, half of the cost of SMS will be received by the mobile operator, and the other half will be unknown scammers.

Question: I sent a paid SMS for access to Yandex mail, but I can’t enter. What should I do, can I send the password from the mailbox to the same number?
Answer: Do not tell anyone your password and stop sending SMS. Your computer is most likely infected with a virus .

Question: I have already sent several paid SMS, it still doesn’t come out in the mail. Maybe you say another number to send?
Answer: SMS does not increase your chances of entering the mail. Yandex never asks to confirm registration using SMS.

Question: I can’t send an SMS message to access Yandex services. How can I configure the phone to send SMS to Yandex correctly?
Answer: It will not work to configure the phone to send SMS to Yandex. SMS messages are not needed to access Yandex services.

Question: Since when has Yandex taken money for using mail?
Answer: Yandex does not take money for using mail and its other services.

Question: I really like the song “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak. What Yandex number do I need to send SMS to get her ringtone?
Answer: Yandex does not accept SMS - neither for access to services, nor for ringtones, which it also does not produce.

Question: Still, what the hell is Yandex taking money for free mail?
Answer: Yandex does not charge for free mail. Yandex free mail is absolutely completely free.

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