Startup Idea: Recruiting

    The idea of ​​the project is that the customer is selected staff in accordance with its qualification requirements and other criteria.

    I'll start with the problem.

    I needed a PHP programmer.
    Question: Where to look for him?
    Answer: On the work sites, in the "work" section on the hub
    OK, what is the likelihood that it will suit me? What does he have that experience? Have those skills? Nothing but information from the resume. But we all know how this is compiled, in the end it turns out that before you find a person, you need to talk to him, find out, etc.
    The project offers all the work to take on. The customer puts forward WHAT he needs, the project finds the person himself, interviews and provides the customer.

    This is not another site about freelancers.

    The model is that there are N - persons who submit an application for registration, after which the site administration tests a person, that is, these are tests in C ++, PHP, C #, not only about programmers, if it is SEO or Site Design, then make tests for them too. In almost any profession, there are questions by the answers of which one can judge knowledge of the subject area.

    Thus, after testing and communicating with a person, it becomes known that he knows, and what is his work price per month - the general picture of a person becomes known.

    How it works

    The customer comes, says: I need a team of people, namely: 4 PHP developers, 2 designers, 1 flash developer.

    Everything, from this moment the project begins to work, for its services a fee is withdrawn from the customer, for example in the amount of 3000r.
    After that, the administration works with the customer in more detail, in order to understand who he needs and provides workers, after talking with people.

    Thus there will be a base of people (not very large) that knows how, knows something, and wants to work.


    Using this model, we get pluses from the sides:
    1) From the customer side - there is no need to scour the network, just go to the site, talk with the administration, tell what the customer wants. In the end, the administration provides workers.
    2) On the part of the staff - having passed the selection on the site, you can be sure that soon someone will need your work, this is not :)
    3) The big picture is the project for the selection of high-quality staff on the network.

    You may have a question: what if the customer doesn’t like the staff, well, there will be something to do, in this case, you need to make a refund. A partial refund, because the work of the administration must also be paid, for example, a return of 2000 rubles from 3000 rubles.

    And it’s convenient for the customer, there is confidence in honesty that even if it doesn’t work, there will be a refund, albeit partial. This must be understood, this is normal.

    In general, such an idea, it seems to me worthy of attention.
    And I think you can implement it and work on it.
    Yes, it is not easy.
    Yes, this is not a quick project.
    But this project can be beneficial and money.

    Waiting for your comments.
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    OPL : kammenty good model really is not ideal, however, if someone has something to say - comments
    Thank you!

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