Forismatic - an experimental way to communicate with reality - humanity's most inspirational sayings
    Each person forms his own reality, and it sometimes communicates with us in the most unthinkable way.

    How often have you noticed that it is worth seriously thinking about something, so right away at every step we come across this in life - fragments of other people's phrases, fleeting remarks of acquaintances, some little things and signs that indicate us the direction of movement to our plan.

    It is for such communication with reality that we created this experimental project . On the site we collect the most inspirational sayings of humanity. We have neither a catalog of phrases, nor a list of authors - everything is as simple as possible. Each, with the movement of the mouse, himself influences the choice of wisdom, which, perhaps, will help you choose the right direction or just learn something new or think about the present.


    UPD: Continued .

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