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Not so long ago, a map appeared on Yandex.Weather . On it, next to the names of cities, we show the forecast and the actual weather in the city. Now you can at one glance assess the weather situation in the region, country or even the world ! If you like this visualization, then use the link to access the Yandex.Web service .

By default, on the map we show the actual weather for all the cities that are visible on your screen. Selecting a date of interest, you can see the forecast for this day. You can also move the card while holding the left mouse button, move it away and zoom in with the mouse wheel or with the “+” and “-” buttons in the upper left corner of the map.

In addition, we made a Yandex.Weather slice for users of Internet Explorer 8. The slice is set in the standard way for IE8: open the page with the city you are interested in and use the function to add a web fragment to your browser menu or press “Alt + J.” Now in the panel “Favorites” you will see both the current temperature outside the window and a detailed forecast for today in the selected city. There may be several such cities!

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