Listen and remember

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Now in the translations section of the Dictionaries you can not only find out how a word is translated and spelled, but also listen to how it sounds. For playback, it is enough to have Flash-player installed in the browser.

A short test on the main page "spoke" - the words for translation must now be heard, not read. In addition, for lovers of the English language, we have in store another specialized test, " Consonant words ." In it you need to listen to 10 English words and for each choose the correct translation from the two suggested. The Lingvo dictionaries themselves have also been updated, now their latest version is available to you.

And we also changed the appearance of the main page of Dictionaries. The new design emphasizes the structure of the service, which consists of three sections: "Encyclopedias", "Russian Language" and "Translations".

We are sure that it will be even easier to memorize foreign words with voice acting.

George Lebedev, aka translator

PS The most curious can test their strength right now. Listen to the word below and try to understand what it is: “ant” or “aunt”?

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