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Microblogging is gaining popularity in RuNet right before our eyes, and we could not ignore this phenomenon. (For those who have not yet had time to encounter him: microblogging is a special type of Internet diary, the distinguishing feature of which is short text messages: no more than 140-200 characters.)

I want to talk about several innovations that we made specifically for people, who are microblogging or want to search in them.

Firstly, some time ago we had a separate rating of microblogging services (see on the main page of the Blog Search) and a separate section of the rating of bloggers for Twitter users. Many active Twitter users probably already know about it.

Secondly, now you can search only in microblogs, or just not in microblogs: for this, a new option has appeared in the search area switch on the results page and in the advanced search. For example, about Yandex only in microblogs:

Third - in my opinion, the most useful innovation. We know that shortening addresses are popular in microblogging (for example, , , or They allow you to leave out of 140 characters allowed in the message more space for meaningful text, rather than a long site address. But this greatly complicated the search for links in microblogging. Now Blog Search allows you to find shortened addresses both by their original appearance and by the address to which they actually lead.

For example, now you can find links to the Yandex blog on Twitter - as you can see, most of the links are in short form .

And finally, Yandex now also has its own channel on Twitter:

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PS: Unfortunately, I did not manage to put the content of this post into 140 characters.

Anton Volnukhin, Head of Blog Search

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