New banners on the site. They are bad

    Literally the cry of the soul.
    I never turn off banners on sites that I like, because I understand that this is part of the site’s income, and maybe I am on this site just because developers get money through these banners.
    I always liked advertising on the hub because it is tailored to the style of the site, and rather complements it than spoils it.
    Today, having visited the site, it seemed to me that I got to a resource similar to hares (, and all because of this:

    Guys, these are bad colorful banners, which, it seems to me, have no place on the hub, really. The issue is not the topic (sport is good), but the style.

    ZY: Can I transfer it to "I am a resentment"? =)

    Oh, horror! This one will be better:

    Also popular now: