WiMAX Car Adapter -> WiFi

    Hi, habravtomobilisty Moscow and all cities where there is WiMAX.
    I won’t know why they haven’t yet made a gadget that you can put in the cigarette lighter and it will receive WiMAX signals and give them in the form of WiFi.

    On the road, I really want to watch traffic jams, read mail, read a reader, and EDGE does not always pay off, and I'm tired of waiting for 3G in Moscow. It’s difficult to catch WiFi on the road, but WiMAX judging by the Yota card is everywhere. Changing your iPhone to HTC just for 4G is a pity.

    Conclusion: manufacturers! please make a gadget that sticks into the cigarette lighter and provides you with WiFi in the car, so that any of your passengers, you (and the traffic jam neighbors :)) turned on WiFi without bothering and surfed the Internet. I think it will be very important also for dudes who ride “in the back seat”.

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