ESET Russia - No. 1 in the world!

    According to the results of sales in 2008 , the Russian ESET office (the author of the NOD32 antivirus) took first place among all ESET offices (headquarters in Slovakia and the USA do not take part in the competition, only regions exceed 100).
    The Russian office has become the best in the world in just four years of work.

    • Yes, in a country where there are two strong local antiviruses.
    • Yes, in a country where piracy is high.
    • Yes, neither the crisis nor the drop in oil prices prevented.

    ESET Team
    How did we do it?

    People . We are young, nimble and hungry. The average age in our team is 23.5 years. There were three of us four years ago, now 72 ! We changed our office every year due to staff growth.
    Someone went all the way from the very beginning, someone came recently. And we did not fire anyone in connection with the crisis, and in the midst of it - in October 2008 - we hired 12 new colleagues. We believe in what we do and try to do well. Each new employee receives as a present the best antivirus, over time - a T-shirt, and sometimes a baseball bat :-). We also have a corporate guitar, a lot of drinkers (but in moderation :-)), sometimes we eat, we like pizza. And when it’s really boring, we paint girls or doors . In general, we have a good team of viral killers .

    Pioneers . To become the best, we did a lot of the first in the anti-virus market in Russia or the first among ESET representative offices.
    No.1 - the highest growth rates of antivirus sales over the past four years in Russia.
    No. 1 - according to the antivirus users' loyalty in Russia (according to Comcon, 2008).
    No. 1 - the first made training videos for partners and customers .
    No. 1 - they began to use viral marketing in Russia for antiviruses (more than 200,000 views of each cartoon ).
    No. 1 - introduced a free technical support number for the CIS 8-800 , the first in Russia.
    No. 1 - introduced VIP support for large customers (more than 500 nodes).
    No. 1 - the largest assortment of antiviruses in retail ( 8 items).
    No. 1 - the largest non-state antivirus contract in 2008 - more than 22,000 nodes for 3 years.
    No. 1 - 75% of our partners in Russia use NOD32 (1C, etc.).
    And this is not a complete list!

    Antivirus . We are proud to sell a good product, NOD32 has a lot of fans. We help protect the most valuable things that Internet users have - photos of children, online wallets, personal correspondence and personal videos. In just a month, our website in Russia is visited by more than 1,000,000 people, and more than 900,000 are downloaded all over the world of Russian demosper month (taking into account the CIS, Germany, Israel, the USA and other countries where there are large Russian communities)!

    Customers . The first client in Russia was from the Butovo district (Moscow), he remains our user until now. He was the first to buy a home version through a website. In Russia, more than 4,000,000 people use us (in fact, families where NOD32 is installed), every third computer in the Russian Federation is protected by ESET NOD32. We were chosen by more than 30,000 companies (legal clients with more than 10 computers) and, probably, as many illegally :-). Every day, while you are going to work from home, you see at least 5–10 of our clients, from StarDogs eateries to MTV and Yandex.

    Partners . We have over 300partners. This is a little, all our competitors have a larger number. But for us, an old friend is better than the new two.
    We are especially grateful to those who have been working with us since the very first year of their work - from the 2nd 005th , who believed in NOD32 even before he became known in Russia.
    Our partners are completely different - someone has two employees, and someone has 2000, and they sell our antivirus from Pyt-Yakh to Gorno-Altaysk. Thanks!!!

    Competitors . In the dispute between youth and experience, experience always wins. And we were young ... and our competitors helped us become experienced. Not only we benefited from this, but also our customers. Kaspersky taught us marketing, Dr. Web - work with providers, Symantec and McAfee just showed how to do in Russia is not necessary.
    But we gave a lot to our competitors, we need each other, as experienced athletes. Cola or Pepsi, Windows or Apple, Nikon or Canon, Yandex or Google, NOD32 or Kaspersky ?!

    Error . We had a lot of mistakes, we quickly ran forward, sometimes fell, sometimes very painfully. There were personnel errors, and technical. Some put us on the edge of the abyss, but we got out because we really wanted to win. More than a year ago, our server “died”, all mail and generally all information was stored there for three years (more than 500,000letters), the work got up. It turned out that we were growing so fast that we didn’t do a back-up (it was done, but with errors, we couldn’t get out of it) ... And MS Exchange died every time I tried to lift it (another service pack wasn’t rolled up) , and the restriction on the volume of mail again and again “killed” the server). The battle lasted three days, but the craftsmen, knowing the undocumented capabilities, still managed to find the reasons, raise the server and save more than 95% of the mail and all the data. A month later, history
    repeated itself, this time the hardware could not stand it, but we were already ready. Since then, we have kept at least three encrypted copies in different places.
    Everyone had enough experience ... :-) When you grow more than 100-400% a year for four years in a row, it is impossible to manage everything, somewhere you had to make mistakes.
    But we did it! ESET Russia - No. 1 in the world!

    ESET We protect your digital worlds!

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