Google Chrome is smart, but not always

    I use:
    Google Chrome
    FireFox 3.0.11

    It so happened that I had to transfer to a slow car (1.4 GHz, 512 MB) while my laptop will be under repair. By this time, I had completely managed to transfer to Google Chrome - I was attracted by the speed of its work.
    To my disappointment, it turned out to be not so smart in relation to its own services, for example, Gmail, Google Docs, in particular Google tables, in particular Google tables (especially large ones) are terribly slow.
    And having launched the same services in FireFox on my slow car, I was surprised to find that they just fly compared to chrome. At least when working in Gmail and Google’s big bogus, there are no jerks when scrolling the page - a subjective assessment, but I hope it gives an idea. In any case, when scrolling a page in chrome, the Windows task manager shows 100% processor utilization, and if you do the same in FF, then no more than half.

    Later I checked it on Google Chrome - the same story ... try it yourself ...

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