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If you have already decided on a car model you like, the most difficult and interesting part starts for you - finding a suitable offer. For this purpose, you can periodically view Yandex.Auto , but we came up with something new - subscription to ads.

What is it for? For example, you want to buy a car Toyota Land Cruiser, not older than three years, with a "machine." You go to the search results page and click on the link "Subscribe to ads on demand."

A letter is sent to your inbox asking you to confirm your subscription. Confirmed? Now you are subscribed, and as soon as a new announcement appears in Yandex.Auto that may be of interest to you, you will receive a message in the mail with the description of the offer. Thus, you do not need to look for anything - you get only the "selected" options.

If you are interested in not one model, but two, three, six - just create new subscriptions, their number is unlimited. And managing them is most convenient if you have a Yandex username. Then you will have your own page on Yandex.Avto - “My Subscriptions”, where you can quickly create, modify, delete subscriptions. But, however, the presence of a login on Yandex is an optional condition, everyone can subscribe.

Have a good shopping!

Yandex.Auto Team

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