High five!

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On July 31, 2001, Yandex.Direct published its first advertisement. And a few days ago, on June 15, 2009, the number of ads placed in the system reached five million. It took almost six years for Direct to “get” the first million, and just two years to “earn” the next four. Advertisers approached this achievement in a Stakhanovian way - on average, during working hours, 882 announcements were created in one hour, that is, almost 15 announcements per minute.

The Ticket Office company became the hero of the day and placed the following announcement:

"Manu Chao." Ticket office.  
Green Theater, June 24, 1320-1650r. Service fee 10% of the face value. Center.

Judging by the pace of creating new ads, ten million are just around the corner. Join now!

Alexey Kabanov, I want ten

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