Intel vPro contest

    we are holding an intellectual competition in our equally intelligent Intel IT Galaxy community .

    The subject of the competition is Intel vPro technology .

    The first prize is a trip to Turkey for two , the other two winners will receive triple tents as a reward .

    The conditions are pretty simple. Both experienced IT specialists and inquisitive beginners can participate.
    The task is to answer three simple questions about vPro technology and deploy in detail the three real situations that often arise in the work. The questions themselves are simple, but even if Google fails, the correct answers can be found in the Business PC sections of the Intel IT Galaxy website.

    In addition - this is generally a giveaway - you can always ask a question directly to Intel experts by simply sending a message to the IT Galaxy forum . You will definitely get an answer.

    The deadline is June 26th . Responsibility for evaluating responses is provided by Intel employees and their partners.

    You can view prizes and take part in the competition in a special section without leaving Habrahabr!

    PS From this post on Habrahabr we begin broadcasting the Intel ISN communities (for software developers), IT Galaxy (for computer technology experts).

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