Meeting about Yandex.Blogs and Yandex.News

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We invite everyone on this Thursday, June 18, at 16:00 to a meeting in Yandex’s Moscow office on Samokatnaya on how Blog Search and Yandex.News work. This is not the first such meeting, about how the previous ones went,  we wrote  in one of the previous posts.

The main topics of the meeting:

  • technologies and principles of services;
  • informational picture of the day: how we define the main news and blog topics;
  • principles of forming ratings Yandex.Blogs;
  • Yandex interaction with partners;
  • prospects for the development of Yandex.News and Yandex.Blogs services, the problems we face;
  • answers to any questions related to the work of these services.

The meeting is held directly by the managers and executives of News and Blog Search.

You can make an appointment by writing a letter to  with the subject “Meeting about News and PPB”. Hurry, the number of seats is limited (although we will continue to hold similar meetings).

UPDATE: The appointment for the next appointment is over. Nevertheless, write, we will call you to the next meetings.

Anton Volnukhin, Head of Blog Search.

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