One of the possible applications of the Y-combinator

    Idea. And let's send the Y-combinator to the input ... not the Y-combinator itself, but almost Y. Y-stroke, not even a combinator, but simply a function that has no way out of recursion.

    I know that they would do it 100 times, and nothing good would come of except STACK_OVERFLOW_EXCEPTION.

    Let it take a state as input, enter and output information, and send the state further.
    Y functor data = functor (\ newdata -> Y functor newdata) data
    Yscratch callback state =
        // cross knowledge with input
        let new-state = intersect state (input ()) in
            output state
            // simplify knowledge if possible
            callback (reduce state);

    and now
    wtf iIdiot =
        Y Yscratch iIdiot;

    What is this nafig? This is an imitation of consciousness. If state is an analog of a neural network, then direct imitation.

    But who needs this?

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