Job in Moscow


    It seems to me that the “migration” to Moscow is the most relevant for Russia; I’ll tell you more about it.

    Moscow is a city of money, experience and opportunities. If you have a head on your shoulders, you can achieve a lot. There is also enough work, even now, when the crisis is in the yard. The main thing is to strive, and everything will turn out!

    How to start

    First you need money. You need to live somewhere, eat something, all this costs money, which you should have at least a couple of months while you are looking for work and get your first salary.


    An inexpensive one-room apartment on the outskirts of Moscow costs about 20,000 rubles. It may be cheaper, but the conditions will be bad and there is a big chance that they will throw you. In order to rent an apartment, you need to prepare at least 2.5 of the cost of the apartment (20x2.5 = 50,000 rubles) - the landlord will take it for 1 month and the last (to be safe), plus the agent who finds you an apartment will need to pay another 0.5-1 cost of the apartment. You can bargain with an agent (usually everyone requires 1 cost, but can reduce it to 0.5), as well as with the landlord (knock out the best conditions - for example, buy a washing machine, microwave, reduce the cost by 1-2 tr).


    Food in Moscow is more expensive than in other cities - this is due to the level of salary (here it is also higher), but there is one trick. The most expensive ones are small private stores, followed by supermarkets (Ramstore, etc.), while the most inexpensive (and high-quality ones) are chain hypermarkets (Auchan, Ikea, etc.). It is in the latter that I advise you to purchase - save from 30 to 200% on products. It’s enough to go there once a month and buy everything you need (milk, eggs, meat, fish, cereals \ pasta, canned goods, etc.), and in supermarkets to buy perishable products - bread, dairy products, etc.
    In order to figure out how much to put aside for food, calculate how much on average you eat per month, calculate the cost, for example, in the Platypus and multiply by 2 months.


    There is a lot of work in Moscow, the main thing is to know where to look. First of all, you need to look on the Internet - register on popular job sites (, , , etc.), pay special attention to the resume - it should clearly and clearly reflect your professionalism. You don’t need to write any “I love computer games”, write in essence, do not forget to describe your professional experience. After publishing a resume, do not expect that you will be bombarded with vacancies - water does not flow under a lying stone. Start your search for employers on these sites, and when sending resumes, refine your resume for each employer. For example, it is indicated that a C # developer with experience in database administration is needed - which means we focus on these skills in our resume.

    When choosing a job, consider the following:
    1. Contract. It is absolutely necessary to draw up an employment contract - this is a guarantee that you will not be “thrown”. It should include your salary, your work responsibilities and working conditions. If the employment contract is not executed - write it yourself in two copies (examples in Google), print, sign and leave 1 copy at home.
    2. Customs clearance, white salary. I strongly recommend choosing a company in which white salary and clearance by shopping mall, even if they offer a little less (-13%) money. Because white salary is a guarantee that you WILL RECEIVE MONEY. You also need to ask about compulsory health insurance (without this, no white-stone clinic will accept you for free), paid leave (by law should be 4 weeks per year) and paid sick days.
    3. When applying for a job, take a closer look at your future boss and his relations with his subordinates - he will also relate to you.
    4. Working conditions. How “fresh” equipment, whether the room is spacious enough, whether tables and chairs are comfortable, the presence of air conditioners. You should also pay attention to nutrition: is there a dining room or a place for eating (is there a refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle).
    5. Take an interest in what you will do, look at projects.
    6. Specify the possibility of career growth, an increase in salaries and possible bonuses / bonuses / 13 salary / vacation pay.


    In Moscow there are a lot of places where you can relax. You can just walk through one of the many parks or reserves, go to some exhibition (for example, a computer :)) or a museum. Of the more earthly entertainments there is a cinema (ticket 150-350 rubles on average), theaters and clubs. You can show your imagination and ride a river boat (prices are quite affordable) or rent a smaller boat in Gorky Park. In general, there is where to relax :).


    I will not reveal the secret if I say that in Moscow there are a lot of beautiful girls. The main clusters are observed in places of mass rest and large shopping centers ("European", "Manezh", almost the entire center).


    You can get to your favorite work or home from a nightclub by ground (buses, minibuses, trolleybuses, trams), underground (metro) and expensive (taxi, ride) transport. The metro runs from 6 5:30 in the morning until 1 at night. Ground transportation is about the same. In order to save money, it is recommended to buy tickets :).
    If possible, it is better to rent an apartment closer to work - so less time and money is spent on the road. If you work in the center, then it makes no sense to shoot in the area of ​​work, it is better to take pictures away from the center (cheaper, better atmosphere, you can get to the center in 30-60 minutes).

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