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The Yandex.Mail team announces the start of beta testing of the new interface (Neo). Creating it, we tried to maintain continuity with respect to the current classical interface. Almost all the usual functionality remained in the same places as before.
What is new in it? First, the look has changed. It has become more modern. Secondly, the new Mail has additional features that make its use even more convenient. For instance:

Grouping by discussion
Letters with one subject can be put in chains , even if several people participated in the discussion. This will allow you to control the conversation and not “lose” important messages.

Social Notifications

You will immediately notice letters from social services (such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Livejournal, - notifications from them are now marked with "branded" icons. In addition, by clicking on this icon, you can see all the letters from this service.

Audio, video, pictures
Listen to mp3 files sent to you, watch attached pictures and even videos to which links are sent to you, right on the page for viewing the letter .

“Own” Mail color
You can choose a color for your mailbox and change it at least every day - depending on your mood.

And many other convenient little things.

And we also run in test mode access to mail via IMAP. Before setting up your mail client , enable IMAP on the Settings page .

You can learn more and enable the new interface on a special page .

PS Please note that the beta version is not the final version of the interface, and errors are possible in it.

Yandex.Mail Team

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