The work of Yandex.News service

    A peculiar appeal to Yandex employees.

    Interestingly, any of those present here use the Yandex.News resource?

    Perhaps there are those who from time to time click on an interesting link from the main page.

    It seems to me that there are few such people for whom Yandex.News is associated with a news resource. And I’m sure that there are no subscribers to the RSS feed because I decided to use it myself.

    The number of RSS feeds yesterday:
    Yandex.News: Economics - 122
    Yandex.News: Politics - 114
    Yandex.News: Science - 72
    Yandex news: Society - 111

    For comparison, - 147 (total number of news on the resource)
    RIA: Economics - 73
    RIA: Politics - 23

    Perhaps Yandex sends so much news, because it collects them from all resources.

    I go to the "Politics" section: 21 news (out of 114) about the DPRK. I open the links, each in a new window. It turns out that there are only 6 newsletters in the newsletter, the rest - repetition (everyone has different headers - they lead to one page). The situation is similar with other news: the total amount per day tends to 30. Another 80 are duplicates.

    I hope this error will be fixed soon.

    I open the first news page that comes across ... but there is no news there. There is a choice, presented in the form of links with a preview of 3 identical articles, and another list of “plot news”. Democratically.

    It remains to verify what choice is offered. I open everything in a new window. Half of the articles with links to ITAR-TASS or RIA Novosti. Wonderful, the source at the end of the list. Duplicates are slowly moving it down, claiming to be "breaking news." (The issue of authorship still concerns Western companies ).

    By the way, it would be logical if the plot contained the entire chronology of events, instead of links to identical articles.

    We get:
    1) Redundancy of RSS feeds;
    2) When you click on the link of interest, a list of sources appears, instead of the news itself;
    3) The link to the article must be sought inside the text of the preview;
    4) The original source is lost among duplicates, of which there are many;
    5) In the plot, instead of the development of events, we get a set of identical articles.

    It may be a coincidence, but the Lebedev studio logo on the page of the selected news is not.

    If you believe this post, the number of transitions to the source is small (of course it depends on the topic).

    And all from the fact that Yandex processes data in automatic mode.

    And wherever possible, this is indicated. Moreover, an FAQ has been created for those who may have complaints. From it you can find out that there can be typos in the news, and even some “terrible news N” can be located on the main page.

    Reading the FAQ, the idea arises that the lack of an editor is something fundamental. Perhaps this is a desire to please all publishers.

    I don’t know how the others do, but I got the impression of a big news dump. Moreover, the page “About the project” says so, only in more decent words.

    Yandex is not a news resource. And employees in all interviews like to repeat that Yandex is a search engine.

    Perhaps this is so, but it is unlikely that the board of directors and large shareholders also consider it (most likely they think more broadly).

    As a user, I can conclude: Yandex provides the most inconvenient news processing among competitors (Rambler does not count).

    When trying to get news from a non-news resource, a state of cognitive dissonance arises .

    To solve the heap problem in the news, you need to constantly improve the algorithms. And this, apart from the huge cost of resources, is time.

    One simple solution is to include editors in the news process.

    You can tighten the rules for working with partners (they are unlikely to be happy). To develop a mechanism and protocol for receiving news, where, in particular, the source will be indicated in order to eliminate duplication. And violators to fine, up to termination of the affiliate program.

    In this case, from the main page it will be possible to get to the article, or at least to preview the article, with a link to the source without informational garbage.

    At this stage of my development, I can’t imagine that a system of this level could function perfectly without human intervention.

    (Interestingly, the company employees use their products?)

    In the same topic (so as not to start a separate topic) I would like to draw attention to the following situation.
    This is a heat map of Google and Yandex search results (UsabilityLab) .

    There are some doubts about the veracity of this picture. BUT ...

    It turns out that in the general case, if both search engines give the same results (ideal case), then there is a purely subjective feeling of the benefits of Google. Just because on the Yandex page useful information can be contained in the area of ​​lowered attention.

    I hope the company staff will leave a comment.

    And of course, I would like to receive a detailed answer why there is no editorial group in the news system.

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