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The blogosphere is evolving and changing, so the tools to study it all the time need to be improved.

Today we changed the rating format  of popular blogosphere entries . Now, instead of a single list of records, we offer users four, composed on different principles. These are records ranked by attendance, by comments (or rather, by the number of commentators) and by the number of links in the blogosphere, as well as a combined rating combined of these three. We believe that the new ratings better reflect the diversity of the blogosphere and make the composite rating more transparent.

A number of bloggers have noticed that a single post rating gives only one of the possible views on the blogosphere. In addition, this rating is needed more by people who are interested in the details of the life of the blogosphere than by a wide mass of users. And its presence on the main page of Blog Search actually "imposes" this rating on all visitors.

We heard these comments. Now, none of the post ratings will be displayed by default on the main page. All of them will be “behind the click”, only for people who want to see them.

The massive interest in a topic in the blogosphere is reflected in the list of “topics of the day” (rather than entries), which remained on the main page of Blog Search (and even on the main page of Yandex).

In the end, I would like to thank the aforementioned number of bloggers and market participants for the discussions that allowed us to understand the need to revise the ranking of popular posts and, moreover, to formulate our position regarding Yandex media influence: .

PS By the way, all ratings of popular posts also appeared public RSS-submission.

Anton Volnukhin, Head of Blog Search

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