Google Website Optimizer Webinar

    Google invites everyone to participate in the next webinar for Internet marketing professionals on working with the Website Optimizer service ( ).

    Testing the site allows the specialist, based on the behavior of visitors, to determine the most effective content and design of the site, which in turn leads to an increase in conversion rate and return on investment.

    The workshop will be hosted by Igor Protsenko, Google Advertising Strategy Specialist (Dublin, Ireland). Igor will talk about the functional capabilities of the product, the principles of its operation and the importance of optimizing site pages to increase the effectiveness of Internet marketing. Participants will be presented with examples of using Website Optimizer by both AdWords advertisers and Google itself. In addition, the audience will be presented with an overview of typical experiments, tips for creating them and demonstrating the interface.

    The online seminar will be held at 16:00 Moscow time on May 28, 2009. To participate and get more information, please go to /, select the Website Optimizer seminar and follow the registration instructions.

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