Flying knapsacks

    The public was shown the new Martin Jetpack . The last time the Martin Jetpack was on display , it could go no higher than half a meter, and was not obedient to control. A new version of the device can independently raise a person of average weight to a height of 2.4 km. A 19-liter fuel tank lasts 30 minutes. (It’s another matter who agrees to climb to such a height with a 19 liter tank left) The maximum speed of the JetPack is 100 km / h, you can fly about 50 kilometers on one tank, which is pretty good. The brainchild of Mr. Martin is equipped with turbine 4-cylinder engines with a capacity of 200 horsepower.

    True, the demonstration flight took place indoors, apparently they are afraid that the pilot will want to fly to a height of 2 km ...


    Water Flying Satchel

    Satchel Jetlev-FLYER - rises in the air force of the giant water jets. An intake device, a pump and a powerful motor for its drive, as well as a decent size fuel tank - all this is on a small streamlined float connected to the satchel with a long and durable hose (it also serves to limit the height of the lift).
    Using a 4-stroke engine with power from 130 to 300 horsepower in combination with the
    recoil principle with JETLEV-FLYER, you can achieve heights of up to 15 meters and speeds of up to 75 km / h. The

    pressure inside the knapsack tubes does not develop very much - about 7 atmospheres - so there is no risk of explosion, much less a burn.

    I think this device is useful to rescuers, because judging by the video, a lifeguard with such a satchel will be able to sink into the water to capture a drowning man ...

    the price of both satchels is about $ 100,000

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