Kaznet users suggest equating fences to the media

    Representatives of the Internet community of Kazakhstan recently developed a full-fledged bill on the official equalization of fences to the media. According to RIA Novosti, in this way they expressed their protest against the attempts of the government of Kazakhstan to tighten control over Internet resources, namely, to equate them with the media (the bill on this was adopted earlier in the first and second readings by the lower house of parliament).

    Future media in Russia

    Future media in Russia

    According to Tamara Kaleeva, president of the Adil Soz International Foundation for the Protection of Freedom of Speech, a bill called “On Fences” will be submitted to parliament in the near future. According to her, the document fully defines all the legal framework for the transfer and storage of information on fences, the direction of the state fence policy, the rights of readers of fences, as well as restrictions on the dissemination of information on fences.

    The human rights activist explains: “The purpose of the bill is to show the absurdity of those amendments that were adopted by parliament.”

    Let me remind you that in accordance with amendments to the law on mass media adopted by deputies of the lower house of parliament, they propose to equate absolutely all Internet resources to mass media, including blogs, forums, online stores and other sites. Thus, they will be subject to all criminal and administrative laws that govern the activities of the media. Kaznet users believe that the new rules will become essentially a powerful censorship tool.

    If the bill is nevertheless finally adopted (and it has already been submitted to the upper house of parliament), law enforcement agencies will have the right to block any Internet resource at any time if they decide that its content does not meet the requirements of the country's legislation to some extent.

    We can only wish good luck to the protesters in Kazakhstan, because it is not known how quickly the governments of other countries decide to finally take control of the “Internet” in case the experience of Kazakhstan proves successful.

    According to lenta.ru

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