Today COMSTAR-UTS began connecting subscribers to its WiMAX network in Moscow

    On the heels of the well-known to all of us Еёе today Comstar briskly begins to advance .

    However, not so directly on the heels; but now Yota is not alone in the WiMAX field.

    It is interesting to compare their coverage cards.

    Map of Moscow coverage by Comstar: Map of Moscow coverage by Yotoyu: In general, there is still room for Comstar to expand (especially since Yota has a network in St. Petersburg and networks in Ufa and Sochi and Krasnodar are prepared), but the beginning impressive, of course. The future seems radiant to me: the more players on the market, the more pleasant the consumers. (Personally, I can only estimate with anticipation in which year their networks finally reach the  Black Sea coast of the Caucasus .)



    (The illustrations were taken from the blog post in LiveJournal written by the pozitiv3r blogger in the yota_ru community about this news. At first I thought of arranging the habratopik as a topic link leading there; however, I changed my mind, but the size of the thumbnails of the illustrations there didn’t seem enough for me to closely compare both of them in one tab.)

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