Conference on youth IT entrepreneurship in Russia

    We plan to hold the subject on May 26 in MIRBIS.

    The target audience is young entrepreneurs in the field of IT services and computer technology, IT specialists, university students with a specialization in IT. We plan to broadcast on the internet for other cities and those who for one reason or another could not appear on it.

    The conference plan is approximately as follows:

    1. Market situation
    2. Prospects for the direction
    3. What and where to study?
    4. Legal registration of IT companies and pitfalls associated with it
    5. Dealership and direct deliveries
    6. Outsourcing
    7. Design and installation of local networks
    8. Licensed software
    9. Pricing
    10. Sales techniques
    11. Advertising of IT-companies
    12. Work with government orders and educational projects
    13. Technical support - work style, pitfalls We will

    cover the topics in detail. Basically, the personal experience of running a rake as a national sport will be used. We will try to hold the conference in a friendly atmosphere, that is, “mine among mine”.

    Registration for the conference will be announced in the next topic, there will also be an official release.
    Yes, participation in the conference is free, of course.

    Habralyudi! Please advise!

    1. Who would you invite as consultants to this conference if you would hold it?
    2. What topics would you add, what would you focus on?
    3. How would you inform about this conference so that it would interest exactly the target audience for which it is being held?

    Thank you in advance for your help - and we are waiting for you at the conference.

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