Startups started for the Second Russian Tech Tour

    The European Tech Tour Association has announced the start of accepting applications for participation in the Second Russian Tech Tour , scheduled for September 22-25 in Moscow, Kazan and Tomsk. 25-30 most promising high-tech startups will be selected for this event, which will be shown to representatives of leading European and American venture funds and corporations. Entrepreneurs can expect to receive investments in the amount of several million to several tens of millions of dollars.

    The previous similar event took place in 2004, and then applications were submitted by 237 companies (twenty reached the final, including Parallels, Acronis, Yandex, ABBYY). According to Konstantin Fokin (President of the second Tech Tour), at least 350 applications are expected this year.

    Who will be lucky and get into the finals? Applications are considered by the Selection Committee, which includes leading representatives of the Russian venture capital market. Among the members of the Supervisory Board are the president of the first Tech Tour Alexander Galitsky, executive director of the Russian private equity and venture capital association Albina Nikkonen.

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