New service from Yandex - Metric

    Spring has come and to work, somehow I don’t really want to. Nevertheless, life, there is life, and regardless of the time of year, they always want to eat - therefore, work to be.

    What is needed for successful and effective work of a blogger, webmaster? Well, there’s a lot of options to spin around in my head, but I would like to describe one very interesting and new tool for collecting and analyzing statistics on site visits. Most recently, Yandex has launched a new service - Metric. And although it’s not a Yanuxoid, but rather, on the contrary, I respect and lean towards the great and powerful Google in its religious and Internet attitudes , nevertheless I think that Yandex has finally created a serious competitor to Google Analystic and LiveItnerner Counter. Further on katom pictures and examples.

    So, by going to get to an intuitive page where you can add a counter, specify the minimum settings and get a small javascript code for installation on the site. All this is done if you already have an account on Yandex. If not, just register an account on Yasha.

    After successfully installing the non-site code, data collection begins. For now, have to wait. You can view the received statistics in a few hours. That should be noted, since in the same Google Analystic you need to wait more than a day until the data appears and will be processed.

    metrika-yandex-for-habrIn the figure, the control panel, it will always be visible and with its help we move in different sections and get information that we need. The names speak for themselves, so there is nothing to describe here. I want to note that the design is very pleased - easy, laid back, fast and practical. Navigation is thought out, and not just cobbled together in such a way.

    There is no point in describing all the features presented to the webmaster, it hurts a lot of text =). I note only a few features.

    imageFirstly, it is a beautiful and understandable display of data. Not very confusing graphics, such as in LI - nothing is visible there at all. In Metric, on the contrary, everything is clean, clear, visible, and clear.

    imageSecondly, the presentation of demographic data. Although in fact I am very skeptical about any demographic data obtained from nowhere. No matter how we dream, the reality is that it is simply impossible to determine, just like that, who went in man or woman. Nevertheless, there are all sorts of determination algorithms, etc. My advice is to be wary of such data. But here the same LI also represents demographics, but there everything is so confusing that it’s just kapets.

    Thirdly, and in my opinion, this is the main feature of the Metrics - this is a graphic map of the flows on the site. It is just a suite. Nobody provides this yet. This is a real-time map. A very convenient tool, and most importantly an affordable way to absorb information that is so necessary for the webmaster.

    In general, you could still write and tell a bunch of things - but I’m sure that it’s better to try it yourself.

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