Has your project already reached Yandex homepage?

    Some have already heard that Yandex has launched a site support program with regional content . But the charm of the innovation is that thanks to it, not only regional, but in general any projects can place their block widget on the main page of the search engine: The developer makes a widget, adds it to the system and receives a link code, with which users can add it to their Yandex main page:

    The widget on the Yandex home page

    + Widget? Ok!

    add to Yandex

    When the number of people using the widget exceeds a certain threshold (unfortunately, I forgot: either 500, or 1000), it will fall into the Yandex widget catalog. Plus, if it meets the conditions of the regional program , a link to the widget (after passing the moderation) can be placed directly on the main page of the search engine.

    If your hands are already itching to try, here is the link to the documentation section: http://wdgt.yandex.ru/

    Widgets themselves are HTML pages that use the JavaScpipt API and are loaded into an iframe. The page can either be stored on Yandex, or loaded from another server.
    By the way, writing a widget yourself is not necessary at all: there is a “designer” in the system, which allows, for example, to make a widget from RSS in a couple of minutes. You can also do the so-called “IFrame widgets” showing a piece of a given page, but, in my opinion, they are quite inconvenient: you can only adjust the height of the viewport, but not its position.

    In general, the situation with services - the start pages, which collects all the information the user needs from the Web, is ambiguous. On the one hand, the idea itself looks very tempting, Rambler released myrambler.ru , Yandex began to support widgets. On the other hand, “stand-alone” such services do not seem to feel very well: pusk.ru looks abandoned, AOL turned yourminis.comto the normal widget directory.
    It is argued that the advantage of Yandex widgets over other services is that the user does not need to customize his entire start page, he will simply add new blocks to the already familiar ones.

    Do you think this technology will be successful? For example, did you have a desire to make a Yandex widget for your project?

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