How to conduct focus groups

    As part of the UX Russia community, I was a speaker at the 20th webinar: "Conducting focus groups." This old method of marketing research has been successfully used in researching future users of the product you are planning to develop.

    Webinar video recording

    Presentation used at the webinar

    The following issues were considered at the webinar :
    1. Focus groups: audience analysis method. The specifics of the method, the features of the conduct, the necessary preparation of the facilitator.
    2. Preparation for holding: the necessary minimum of what needs to be done before the focus group.
    3. Interaction with the group: organization of the process, the basics of managing group dynamics, focusing the discussion. What to do during the focus group.
    4. Completion of group work: concretization of opinions, features of the completion of a group discussion, design of the work performed.

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