Geo-targeting in Yandex and Google

    The two largest players in the search market in Russia almost simultaneously introduced geo-targeting.

    Google approached the issue very carefully, which allowed users not to be alienated:

    1) He introduced tips specific to a specific region only.

    2) And without changing the global output, organically added the so-called “10 box” results. It is worth noting that these results for implicit queries are not the “best answer”, i.e. They do not stand above the organic issue, but are somewhere between 3-5 positions. For example, the request: parks :


    In case the request is targeted as much as possible, they will give us a hint in the most visible area, see Moscow parks :


    YandexI entered the question quite boldly - introduced a new algorithm, which, depending on the IP address or user settings, gives different results for a specific region. There were only a few extraditions, speaking of Russia it is Moscow, St. Petersburg and all other regions combined in one extradition (which is a bit strange when thinking about the length of our country).

    The result was negative and caused a huge amount of complaints. For many requests, especially in the non-Moscow issue - horror (many irrelevant sites).

    Only a week has passed since the introduction of the algorithm, and as after any innovation, we still haven’t managed to tighten everything up, but there are several things that are surprising:

    - The issuance is different even for informational, absolutely non-targeted requests. For example, at the request “Pushkin's biography”, people from different cities will receive different answers.

    - The number of “working” regions makes us think about the significance of such innovations.

    - It seems that the original deadlines were torn off and laid out as is, if only faster.

    - Did not take advantage of the previous experience (or was it negative ?!)

    - Yandex, like Google, offers hints of a “witch doctor” (shows pictures, or offers to see addresses), but many requests are classified incorrectly, for example, if you type “ landscapedesign "we will be offered to see pictures, and on request" landscape designs“Choosing a company. Google is doing well.

    Concluding, we can say that Yandex’s actions caused a storm of negative emotions among people involved in search engine optimization, Google’s innovations were almost imperceptible, but user interaction was extremely improved, which is one of the main tasks of any search engine

    Alexander Mikhailov, Optimism.Ru

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