Why Vkontakte instead of monetization are engaged in nonsense?

    A topic came up here yesterday and decided to ask. Maybe someone is better, maybe people from the contact administration are on the hub

    They (the contact) have the most gorgeous targeting platform in Central Asia. When I saw her, I just lost my speech. In comparison with all the squalor that is being produced in the post-Soviet space, this targeting system is, in my opinion, one of the best in the world. Even so, I don’t remember any analogues (maybe they don’t exist?). Contact also has a huge audience, which is not a sin to monetize.

    Attention is the question: why, with all these goodies, when advertisers would line up for the metro to get there to pay for advertising, does Contact provide an opportunity to advertise only all kinds of nonsense inside the site (groups, meetings, events if I'm not mistaken)?

    Add the ability to buy traffic to external sites and outperform Yandex in terms of profitability.

    Just a question. Maybe someone knows?

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